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Highly precise workload identification showing the scale, who's responsible and where it's running.
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Discover why + who and how.

Gain a competitive edge with Technology Context by Unrival, the industry-leading open-source intelligence (OSINT) solution that empowers technology sales and marketing teams to identify and engage with high-value prospects.


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Technology Insights provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your target market's technology landscape, enabling you to:
  • Identify: Uncover the technologies being used within an organization, including their specific versions, deployment details, and usage patterns.
  • Understand: Gain insights into the sophistication of an organization's technology stack, allowing you to assess their technology maturity and potential needs.
  • Connect: Identify the key decision-makers and influencers responsible for technology decisions, enabling you to reach the right people at the right time.
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Build Smarter Account Plans

Craft personalized account plans based on real-time insights into your target accounts' technology landscape.

Target High-Value Prospects

Prioritize your outreach efforts to focus on the most promising opportunities, maximizing your sales and marketing ROI.

Enhance Sales Conversations

Engage in informed conversations with prospects, demonstrating your understanding of their specific technology needs and challenges.

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If you are looking for technology insights across a large number of enterprise accounts, you can join the wait list to request for early access to our ground-breaking GPT model available on subscription.

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For custom requests, Unrival provides an insight consierge service where you gain access to our team of highly specialized analysts who can assist in developing the research to your specific challenges and situation.

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