Mapping power and influence.

Powerful, always-on insights for your most important accounts. Personalized to you
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How it works

Pinpoint and reach buying groups.

Account Relationships and Ecosystem Mapping

Personalized Insights

Unrival builds powerful account maps of the important buying groups, made up of decision makers and influencers within your accounts. You'll be assigned an Unrival Analyst who will walk you through their findings and keep you up to date on changes over the next 12 months.

Beyond the Job Title

Sometimes the Job Title is just the beginning, Unrival delves deep into roles to help you understand exactly what a individual does, what they are working on and why that might be the starting point for helping you connect with them.

Use Unrival to Land, or Expand

You might already have a champion in an account, but you can use Unrival to help you discover whitespace in new areas or subsidiaries. We join the dots to help you build from your existing relationships. If its brand new, we can help you find the best place to start, even uncovering past historical relationships.

One Click to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Integration into other tools is key. From Unrival, you are just one click away from connecting with that person using your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.

Connect the tools you already use via our API

For large deployments of account insights, you can connect directly to our API to allow your insight, data science or CRM teams be able to programatically access the data and insights we have developed for you with just a few lines of code.
New feature

Introducing Insight Stories.

Hand-crafted Insights on the individuals that matter the most to you.

Insight stories brings you the latest updates, insights and activities by the people that matter most to you in your accounts.

In just a couple of taps, you can see the latest video interviews, quotes directly from articles, job promotions and appointments, plus much more.

These stories are handpicked for you by your Analyst at Unrival, who is constantly on the look out for snippets which match the goals, interests and topic areas of interest to you.

Insight Stories is enabled on all Unrival Account Maps to users with an active subscription.

Next steps, tell me more.

Consulting & Custom Research. Concierge Service.

Unrival Analyst Insights - Request a Meeting

For custom requests, Unrival provides an insight consierge service where you gain access to our team of highly specialized analysts who can assist in developing the research to your specific challenges and situation.

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