About Unrival. Our Story.

Unrival: Where Intelligence Fuels Unprecedented Growth.

Meet the Minds Behind the Magic.

Unrival is led by the visionary duo of Maxwell and Hue Painter, who co-founded the company in 2014.

Maxwell, our CEO, brings a wealth of experience in Software Engineering, Data Science and Machine Learning, while Hue, our COO, possesses an unparalleled understanding of Client Management, Operations and Finance.

Together, they lead a team of passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to pushing the boundaries of Generative AI and Machine Learning and its application in sales and marketing.

Maxwell Painter and Hue Painter
Maxwell (left) and Hue (right) Painter.
Unrival Team - Terrarium Workshop
Unrival Team Canoeing on River Wye
Unrival Team - Paddington Bus Tour + Afternoon Tea
Unrival Team - Bread Ahead Baking
Unrival Team - Sticks-n-Sushi
Unrival Team - Canoeing

The Team at Unrival

Being part of the team at Unrival is something special.

The Unrival team is entirely based around remote work. This means that we have people from all different locations around the world which gives us a unique cultural diversity.

We also encourage a 'work from almost anywhere' approach, allowing our team members to have flexibility to travel and continue to work remotely.

Where are we from?
Currently Unrivalers are based in London (UK), Birmingham (UK), Manchester (UK), Bristol & South West (UK), Newbury (UK), Croatia, Bosnia and Pakistan.

Do you ever meet up?
Yes, at least once or twice a year we come together to eat, chat and do fun activities together.

The gallery of photos shows the Unrival team doing the following activities undertaken in 2021, 2022, 2023.
- Terrarium Workshop
- Canoeing on River Wye in United Kingdom
- Team Dinner at Sticks-n-Sushi, Canary Wharf,
- Paddington Bus tour & Afternoon Tea in London
- Christmas Baking at Bread Ahead.